Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Love Wednesdays!

Last night was the two hour season finale of LOST. And here is what we think:

Jenny's Take: I basically have two complaints about last night's show. First, the writers of the show said in an NY Times article this morning that they wanted to satisfy readers by answering a lot of questions in last night's episode. They referred to the fact that we now know what happens in the hatch when you don't press the button. And I just don't think this qualifies as an "answer." "There is a mysterious hatch on an unchartered island that blows up with some magnetic energy when you don't press a button" is not an answer. It is a mystery. WHY the fuck is the mysterious hatch there? WHO put it there? Secondly, it is unacceptable that there were no hook-ups. In the previews for the show they REPEATEDLY showed the scene where Jack looked at Kate as was like, "I'm sorry that I kissed you." And she looks back at him with sultry eyes and whispers, "I'm not." Is it wrong of me to expect a hook-up scene after this? Am I crazy? You're supposed to kiss her again, Jack. Hatch or no hatch, you were supposed to kiss her. Those things said, there were a number of highlights. The scene where Sayid and Sawyer and Jack go out to the boat was HOT. Desmond and Penny's love story was so sweet. That letter she stuck in his copy of Our Mutual Friend? Tears. All down my face. Lastly, Sun proved herself to be the toughest chick ever by going on the rescue mission. Jean?

Jean's Take:

I am personally very satisfied with last nights episode of LOST. It actually made me feel re-envigorated over this disappointment of most of this season. After all, it seems that in most of the episodes, nothing really seemed to happen, but during the 1 hour recap prior to the finale, a lot of things actually DID happen.

At first, i hated michael for leaving Sawyer, Hurley, Jack, and Kate, but if i were in a similar situation, i would totally save my kid, even I only knew him for a month, and was annoyed by the kid for the majority of that month. The only bad thing is that he killed Hurley's ONLY shot at love on the island, and if i were him, i'd be really pissed! Ana Lucia was no love-loss for me.

Second, i really loved Desmond's back story, but i must say, it's pretty tragic. He has the kind of love that everyone dreams of having, the kind that makes you want to live while everything else is bad. I love that kind of stuff, but Desmond's story is a bit overboard. I mean, first, a father that hates him, followed by jailtime during which time the evil father intercepts all of your love letters, and then (as if that wasn't bad enough) being lost at sea while trying to regain his honor? Being on an island where you can't even get more than 108 mintues of sleep without having to freaking press those damn numbers? for years? Dude, if I were desmond, i would have read that book like 6 times already.

Also, i hate and love that idiot Loc. I hate him and love him. If he weren't such an idiot, that boat at the end (which i thought at first was a Visa commercial) wouldn't have picked up the signal. YAY! she still loves him! but is he dead? I guess we will not find out until next season.

Overall, A GOOD COMEBACK FOR LOST. I am still unsure of what is going on, but that episode was so awesome that i actually cannot wait for next season to begin!

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