Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Okay, I think the latest episode of LOST was meant to clear up a lot of things concerning what's happening on the island, but, once again, i think i totally missed what is going on.

What did Echo see when he got to the top of the cliff? was it a big question mark? Why has Michael turned on the non-others? Exactly what is the other hatch and why is there nobody in it? Is the other hatch also being watched?

So there is one more episode to go (i think), but i'm afraid it's just going to raise more questions. I don't know if i can bear the summer without knowing! DAMN!

In other news, CHRIS DAUGHTRY GOT CUT!!!!!?????!?!?!? WHAAAATTTT???? American idol is starting to resemble THE WEEKEST LINK. I'm starting to think that getting cut means your good.


Traci12 said...

I can't believe CHris was cut!!! I still think I'm in shock alpong with anyone who was watching the show!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see Taylor Hicks win it all now.

I mean, that dude's going to revolutionize the pop industry. He's like a record company's wet dream: over thirty, gray hair, uni-brow, likes to sing "the Oldies", is fond of incorporating classic dances steps like "the Twist" and "the Mashed Potato" into his choreography--I mean, that guy's going to sell out every stadium in the country.

All I have to say is, Watch out Kelly Clarkson!


jean said...

you know what i think? i think YOU should try out next year. rumor
has it you can do a mean "every rose has its thorn" when you're
wasted. ;-)

Anonymous said...

That is not true. I do a mean "Dead or alive" when I'm wasted.


Dop said...

At least now we know that whoever the new IDOL is, it won't be attractive.

Dubette said...

I can do "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." Not on key, but I know all the words. There's that great bridge in the middle where it goes "it's been a while, but I can still feel so much pain...." That's awesome.