Saturday, May 27, 2006


I have been waiting patiently for the birth of both Gavin and Gwen's baby as well as Brad and Angie's baby... and for both of them to be born on the same weekend is like heaven for me! WELCOME Kingston and Shiloh! Welcome to this world where you are already more famous than i will ever be....AND NOBODY's even seen you yet!

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raoflight said...

Wow, Shiloh, I dont think I like that name. But oh well, I'm so happy for all the happy new mommys and daddys. Like seriously, my biological clock has been ticking loud these days. The thought of carrying a child and giving birth is so awesome. Like, then you raise it in your own image. Double awesome! BTW, do you think the Brangelina child has any chance at happiness? Serious, she has a lot to live up to.


PS- I would name my children:
Girl-> Daliya
Boy-> Bilal