Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Oh No She Didn't

Last week it was reported by some news agency (like the Enquirer or something) that Nicole Kidman had issued a statement in which she sent good wishes to Katie Holmes and Suri (a.k.a. devil spawn). These reports turned out to be false. No such statement was ever released. How do we know? Well, because Kidman made it a point to issue a statement stating--just to get the record straight--that she at NO TIME WHATSOEVER sent good wishes to her ex's new family. Ha! I love it. Way to go, Nicole. Score one for you in my book.

What Nicole's publicist actually said was, "Nicole never issues statements about her personal life." But I've put this statement through my secret celebrity press statement decoder ring and it turns out that "never issues statements about her personal life" really means, "Step off Zombie Bitch. Don't come crying to me when Tom dumps your ass."

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Emily said...

looking at Nicole Kidman's shins in those workout pants makes me think maybe I should get a tan.