Monday, April 17, 2006

I HATE girls like Evangeline Lilly!

For Christ sake! I hate bitches that cry about being too pretty. I mean, it's insensitive to all of us lesser-pretty girls that you hate being pretty, that it's so hard for you, and that we should feel sorry for you for all that you've endured by being too pretty. F-YOU!

Quote directly from the whore's, oops i mean horses mouth: "I spent many nights crying myself to sleep wishing I was ugly because of the way men leered and disrespected me, because they assumed things about my mental capacity or my physical willingness based on the way I looked."

Apparently, she even pleaded with God to make her ugly. Well, i wasn't about to make any comments about her mental capacity, but after that plea with God, i think she's officially stupid!


Dop said...

Gawd, I just HATE it when people bitch about being too famous, or too attractive or having too much success. Take all that shit away from them and they wouldn't know how to function.

Emily said...

Really couldn't agree more with you both.

I am willing to concede that there may be a down side to certain advantages such as beauty, fame, fortune, etc.

But seriously. It really pales in comparison to the down side of NOT having those things. Sucks to be pretty? See how life opens doors for you when you're plain. A pain to be rich? how about the cakewalk that is poverty.

PLEASE, Evangeline, don't pretend that you really wanted to be the fat girl with pimples and head gear. No one really wants to be that girl. Including her, which is probably the worst part of all.

femme feral said...

instead of crying herself to sleep wishing she was ugly, I don't understand why she just wouldn't wish that people would know better than to oggle and harass complete strangers. Or how about this -- wishing for a culture that doesn't evaluate women based on how they look, period. The fact that she doesn't mention these things suggests that she's grateful for the privleges afforded by being attractive. Liar.

raoflight said...

Yeah that is some stupid bitch shit she's pulling

Theodora said...

"Waaaaaaah! I wish I was ugly!" How annoying and completely stupid. I hate that shit too.

Anonymous said...

I found the link while I was surfing for Evi, yes, the stunning girl you hate. And I think.. you're rather pathetic. I mean, why are you bitching about hating Evi and American Idol and Hollywood and maybe the rest of the world? That's because you're jealous. I suggest you to start bitching about your family, your friends, or your fucked-up life, or how 'lesser-pretty' you are.. just.. quit moaning about famous people. No offence.

Anonymous said...

I have to say as an above average looking person, it is refreshing to hear her speak her mind about being attractive because, while some do not understand, it is a blessing as well as a curse. Yes, yes, you do get to have certain "privileges" (as one person put it) and it seems like life is so much easier when you are beautiful, but, like anything, it also has its downfalls.

Sometimes people automatically write you off as being dumb or "just a pretty face." Often times others won't take you seriously because they are doing exactly what you are ALL doing, which is hate someone because they are attractive or speak candidly of it.

First of all, think about the word HATE, with the big bold letters. You hate hate that. Nice to see that you are open-minded enough to hear someone's perspective and to hear what their reality is like. Nice to see that you are open-minded enough to realize that everything, including fame, fortune, and beauty, has its pros and cons.

Furthermore, I have been rich and I have been poor, and not one is better or worse than the other. Just different. Does everyone think life is better when you have money? Sure, but most of those people don't understand that with money comes people wanting to be your friend for no reason other than the fact that you have money. Or people suing you because they know they can squeeze money out of you. Remember, money, beauty or fame does not equal happiness. That is totally a state of mind.

I will tell you this, it is upsetting and derespectful to be catcalled and looked at in a sexually provacative manner. Unattractive people don't get it. I'm sorry to say it, but they don't, because if they did than what Lilly said won't have upset people like it did.

Beauty can be powerful but it can also be your worst enemy.

Emily said, "it really pales in comparision to the down side of NOT having those thing." But in all honesty, how do you know? Have you lived both ways and can honesty speak from first hand experience?

I commend Lilly for speaking her mind and saying something that obviously hurt her years ago. She was vulnerable for a moment and you all just stomped all over her. I think she is brave for saying what plenty of people think and feel.

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't understand what this pretty person ever did to you. Apparently you hate her for being pretty. That just proves her point.
I found this blog because I was searching the words "hate being pretty". That's kind of how I feel right now.
Because I am not big and ugly I have to tutor highschool kids in the library to protect myself from boys, from rumors, and from accusations. Even so, I have to put up with constant innapropriate comments, leering jerks, and motions being made when I am not looking, and even being touched. Today I was poked in the pubic region by a 14 year old. I smacked him out of a reflex. That's probably the end of my career.
I don't dress provocatively. I dress comfortably. I don't EVER show cleavage. I should not have to wear a burka or be big and ugly or mean to be respected and treated right.

If I were large and ugly I could walk down the sidewalk and noone would pull their car infront of me to cut me off and make comments. I could walk down the street at night. People wouldn't circle the block to look at me again or make lude comments in front of my husband or children. Grown men would not feel uncomfortable working with me and women would be nicer and more secure. My friends would not feel inferior. I wouldn't have to dress down all the time.
I wouldn't have to put up with men thinking that just because I acknowledge them that I am interested in them. I am just sick of it.
No, I am not going to pray to be ugly. But I do really wish that everyone else would just get over it and see me and not just my body or my face.
I'm sorry if I sound exasperated or angry right now, but I just slapped a 14 year old child, who is not mine, for sexually harassing me. Darn it! He had it coming, but that is not how this immoral world sees things anymore. I will be the one who is at fault, because somehow, by being pretty, I asked for it.

Anonymous said...

Evangeline Lilly is NOT that attractive!

A pretty face perhaps but not only is her body out of proportion but she has HORRIBLE fat legs and equally yucky big feet.

I see prettier girls in my local supermarket, and they have better, more attractive personalities.

From the waist up she is 6/10, from the waist down she is 2/10.

Anonymous said...

She thinks she's pretty because she's anorexic, it's all she has going for her. I'm sure if she just ate food instead of puking it up every time she'd get her wish. I don't know how many of you have watched almost all of Lost--she never looks like her photo shoot pictures like above, she has a big wide horse mouth/face and her chest looks flat most of the time because she's so skinny (where her clavical juts out of her skin and you can see her sternum so well you think you could scrub clothes on it). I think Sun and Anna Lucia are more attractive than her. All she has are nice eyes. Pretty people may want to be ugly and ugly people may want to be pretty but if you had to be ONE which would you pick? For the idiot who said "i wouldnt get cut off or etc down the street if I were fat and ugly" think about when you're in highschool and you get called fatty and teased and everyone laughs and stares at you--everyone gets the SAME amount of attention if you're one side or the other, but one is admiration and the other is disgust, and while I'm sure either can be extreme on any one side..which would you honestly rather be?

And most women, I would say all but to avoid flame MOST LIKE being attractive. They LIKE attention, they like wolf calls, they like shaking their ass down the street, they like flipping their hair and getting winked at EVEN THOUGH they pretend they don't, like "ugh pig" but inside they're really giggling or flattered, but instead they tell everyone they hate it because that's what attention whores do. It's different for women who are actually in a career that is respectable or requires a certain amount of sophistication, but I don't think Evangeline Lily would pose for HALF NAKED PHOTOS if she really hated being attractive. Her ass is all over the internet. She's in the business of BEING attractive and sexy. She chose to do that, so she can't complain. It's like signing up to be a stripper then being like WTF why are men looking at me!??! omgggg

Anyway that's my rant on the thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Evi because in my school only my friends want to hang around with me, speak to me and interact with me! All the other people just ignore me and want to see me fail because they find me atractive! Plus the boys are intimidated by me so i cant get a boyfriend! I no there are pros and cons of both but when total strangers want to see you fail because of how you look it really gets you down!!!!!!

andrew said...

all you ugly girls should stop bitching and get on with the house work.

Anonymous said...

i hate such girls too.there are too many beautiful women round the world who have this problem.evangeline is an actress who is famous because of lost and they interview her cause.that makes her think she's somebody.she's too narcissist.

Anonymous said...

As a child, Lilly was an athletic tomboy known for climbing trees (an ability which has been written into her character on Lost and led to her nickname of "Monkey"). Puberty came relatively late — at 16 — but virtually overnight. Suddenly the freckle-faced, buck-toothed tomboy had become a beautiful, curvy woman. Her male playmates looked at her differently and her former girlfriends hated her. She was miserable.

Although she enjoyed acting, Lilly had no interest in modeling or being a celebrity. Always interested in humanitarian work, Lilly studied international relations at the University of British Columbia. She worked various jobs to support herself, including waiting tables at Earls, a trendy Canadian chain. She finally quit when she could no longer endure being ogled by customers. "I felt like a whore," she says. "You feel like they're paying to stare at your ass when you're walking away from the table."

Needing steady work that could pay for tuition, Lilly called Ford eight months after being "discovered," hoping to appear in commercials. She found work immediately. Her first job was a late-night dating service commercial in which she had to say into the camera: "Where are you going tonight? I think you should pick up the phone and call me!"

The conservative young woman who had been trying so hard to avoid being treated as a sex object was devastated. "I cried when I saw it."

Determined that Hollywood was not for her, Lilly nevertheless found contentment working as an extra on movies and television shows, sometimes playing a corpse. Among others, she appeared in Judgment Day, Smallville, and Stealing Sinatra. The income was steady and she could use the endless on-set waiting time to study. "I loved being anonymous and settled," she says.

Anonymous said...

dude, it really is pretty hard. obviously all you haters are ugly because you have no idea what its like

Anonymous said...

God some people are so up their own ass. Why are you so convinced people hate you because you're pretty. I know loads of very beautiful people who have plenty of friends and you know why? Because they are nice to people and care about them. Generally the people who think they are hated because of the way they look are hated because of their giant egos and stuck up attitudes, no-one wants to hear your self pity and hear you whinge about how hard life is (that includes whether you think you're pretty or ugly). If you want friends, then be nice to people and if you don't want to be leered at, dress appropriatly, and if people still don't like you, then ignore and forget about them! Not everyone is going to get on with each other, that's just life!

Anonymous said...

Id just like to say that I agree with femme feral about what evangeline said. She's an attention whore hiding behind a "modest" mask. As for all the other whiny babies complaining about being pretty shut up. I was in the marine corps and I can't even tell you how many times I got hit on disrespected leered at kissed at I was sexually assaulted and more than one of my bosses have made innapropriate comments to me but instead of complaining about I took the extra long glances as compliments and the confronted the person who was innapropriate and found out a lot of times men don't know where the line is. Does it suck? Yeah it does suck but complaining about it makes you look like a stuck up self absorbed bitch. There are a ton of people with way worse problems than "being too pretty" there is absolutely no reason that this is something anyone should be complaining about. Step up and prove everyone wrong. NO ONE LIKES A COMPLAINER. And to miss lillys wish to be ugly, I say God granted it I thought she was beautiful until she opened her mouth.

Lizzie said...

Ok I've never hated someone purely because of their looks. That's just plain stupid. But I have hated someone because of their crappy attitude, regardless of what they look like. From what I've seen/read about of evangeline, she has the sort of crappy attitude I can't stand, that's why I don't care for her.

Anonymous said...

I hate bitches like you who call women 'whores' just for being pretty than you. Go fuck yourself, you ugly skank.

Anonymous said...

I just don't like her.
Its not that she is ugly, but i do not like her acting.
Now she is going to ruin the hobbit with her "OMG IM SUCH A HOT AND COOL WARRIOR"
She is way too kliche in Lost, and 'Tauriel' does not fit in the hobbit.

Anonymous said...

It's strange because she's extremely plain, at least in Lost. Don't have any idea why half the males are after her. Sure ain't her personality.

Also, if being so beautiful was really a horror, she could've just gone out with a ballcap and smeared some dirt on her face. So not only not beautiful, but also stupid.

Anonymous said...

"I agree with Evi because in my school only my friends want to hang around with me, speak to me and interact with me! All the other people just ignore me and want to see me fail because they find me atractive! Plus the boys are intimidated by me so i cant get a boyfriend! I no there are pros and cons of both but when total strangers want to see you fail because of how you look it really gets you down!!!!!!"

Maybe you should stop wearing makeup! Maybe you should put dirt on your face, or a fake zit! ZOMG I'm like so burdened and have no way to not look so beautiful! WOE

Anonymous said...

Less than pretty women get the same treatment but no phonecall the next day. If anything, fewer men sexually harass pretty women. I put this up there with money does not buy you happiness. Maybe not but it sure is nice not having to check your account before going out...

Anonymous said...

There is something I just can't stomach about Evangeline, and it's not that she's attractive and I'm simply jealous. (I actually find her eyes to be her prettiest feature, but am certain I wouldn't give myself whiplash trying to get another look if I saw her walking down the street. She also photographs well but is not nearly as attractive in the footage I've seen of her live.)
She talks about how difficult it is being beautiful, but she went on to pursue acting -- a profession clearly known for objectifying women. I never watched Lost, but I've seen plenty of promotional pictures of her on the Internet posing suggestively and showing off her assets. I suppose this was required of her, being an actress and having to "sell" herself to the public according to her management's demands. Even just recently, she posed for Women's Health in boy shorts, with her rump facing the camera. Um, okay. This is all fine, but again, don't hypocritically complain if what you ultimately chose to do emphasizes what it is about you supposedly makes you feel so uncomfortable you prayed to God in tears every night to take it away.
I appreciate that she gives of her time and money to charity, but if she's so concerned with the problems that plague this world, why not dedicate herself more fully to being a humanitarian/environmentalist/etc.?
I do believe she's vain, immodest, and, moreover, ignorant and dense for deeming her beauty as a major problem. There are, as many people here have commented, much bigger problems to have.
Plus, you can be the most beautiful creature on the planet, but if you exhibit genuine intelligence and poise, people will not pay as much attention to your looks as they will to your words or convictions. How else have women fought to prove that they're just as smart and capable as men? That's one way of gaining respect. But I guess it's a lesson Lilly has yet to learn.

Anonymous said...

she is a person who really speaks her mind about true things. I believe that she is right in feeling terrible about herself because of the way she is treated about her natural beauty. To you she may just be a pretty face but to others, like myself, she has saved my life with her positivity. Its wrong for you to hate someone who is being mistreated like that. So shut up.

Craig said...

To anonymous 9:30 Am ^^ Erm all I ever hear from her is whining about fame and her looks. That's not what I would call positivity.

If you could you please point me in the direction of these positive quotes, then I might see your point. She is pretty and she surely speaks her mind, but she does whine a lot.

gabytheELf said...

You idiots don't know what you are talking about. The reason she said these things is because she was being severely mistreated. That's a good enough reason too wish you are something you are not. Evangeline Lilly is not just a pretty face, but she is so much more than that. She is motivational, a life saver and the most inspirational person ever. I don't know where i'd be without her, as i know she has saved m life on more than one occasion. So before you insult someone who is as beautiful on the inside as much as the outside, do a bit of research in to what she has been through that you can't be bothered to know about. She is a real person, which is way more than i can say about you. SO SHUT UP.

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching 'Lost' (late) and I thought to myself; just from 'Kate's' mannerisms, I bet she is a hideously moronic person and the first site I found proved me right. Oh well, people like her are too stupid to hide their obvious flaws.

IDon'tDoStupid said...

Ugh, Lilly emerges every once in a while and STILL manages to irritate me to no end.

She recently spewed off some nonsense about how she hates the word "feminism," clearly without a clue as to what the term is intended to stand for.

She calls herself an "author" now that she managed to pull some strings to get her little chirrun's book published, and has claimed that she wants to dedicate herself to this pursuit exclusively. Yeah, okay.

She has implied that she doesn't go after movie roles, but that rather she waits for filmmakers to come to her -- because, you know, she's the most sought-after actress in Hollywood with the most prolific career and repertoire.

And, quite possibly my favorite, she recently shot a photo spread for Esquire, in which she's posing in lingerie with her bum facing the camera. Funny, as I recall, she threw a fit over being "objectified" in her cover shot for Women's Health mag last year, where she's also posing with her butt to the camera. So it's okay to feature your ass so prominently in magazines sometimes, Evangeline, but other times, it's not? **Sniff, sniff** Is that a hypocrite I smell?

She's got talent -- talent for being obnoxious to the max within the shortest promotional time period possible. That's impressive for someone who's kind of a nobody when it comes to public figures and is not even on the media's radar most of the time.

Aetos said...

She already is ugly! I mean, look at her boyish body. Shoulders wider than hips, thick thighs. Her face is nice but that's all. One doesn't root a face unless they're porn stars.

Aetos said...

She already is ugly! I mean, look at her boyish body. Shoulders wider than hips, thick thighs. Her face is nice but that's all. One doesn't root a face unless they're porn stars.