Saturday, March 04, 2006

Three Things I Don't Like About Kiera Knightley

Number One: She is younger, and prettier, and skinnier than me.

Number Two: She's always trying to pretend she's just a dorky farmgirl or something. Did you see that clip of her playing "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" on the Ellen show? We all know you have a mirror just like everybody else Kiera. You know you're hot. Come on now.

Number Three: She was nominated for an academy award for Pride & Prejudice. Undeservedly. She wasn't that great in that movie. She was completely wrong for the part. Just because you speak with an English accent and do a Jane Austen movie doesn't make you a good actress.


femme feral said...

agreed! alicia silverstone was betted in clueless.

speaking of, I miss alicia!

la dee said...

what?? no comment about coldplay or chris martin at all???

Dop said...

And she needs to get that underbite fixed

Nicole said...

I could NOT possibly agree more with 1) not liking Kiera Knightley and 2) your assessment of her "acting" skills in pride and prejudice. No, I did not see it, but is that really necessary in order observe that playing a proper young english woman when you ARE a proper young english woman isn't actually acting? I think not.

Theodora said...

I so agree with you! She was way too pretty to be the "handsome" Elizabeth. The Masterpiece Theater one with Colin Firth was better. That actress Jennifer Ehle was perfect.