Monday, March 20, 2006

The Most Obnoxious Celebrity Quote Ever

Okay, I have to admit, I've been digging some George Clooney lately. I was never his biggest fan at first--even when he was on The Facts of Life--but lately he doesn't seem to be too much of a jerk and at least he is honest about wanting to remain a bachelor. Not to mention he looked really good in Ocean's 12.

But I found this quote I ran across today really annoying. Apparently, Clooney was talking about how the master bedroom at Lake Como is too big for him and he doesn't like to sleep there. "It's too big," he is quoted as saying, "far too big." And then the kicker. He says, "I've never quite mangaged to spend a night in the grand boudoir, so I sleep in one of the other 14 bedrooms whenever I'm there."

I guess I should mention that this report comes from a website called "Life Style Extra." I've never heard of this publication before and they provide no source materials for the story, but I'm guessing that it's just as likely that these quotes came from the vending machine guy as it is they came from Clooney. You decide.

Source: Life Style Extra

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