Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Matthew McConaughey is a Poet

Have you ever gone on a date and the guy says something so completely and horribly cheezy and you just sit there as he stares into your eyes and you want to crawl out of your skin or sink into the floor or run far far away? Well, if you happen to like this feeling, maybe you should consider dating Matthew McConaughey. I don't even have words to express how gross this quote made me feel, so I'm just going to quote it in full from news magazine Tonight. When asked about the language barrier between him and his girlfriend Penelope Cruz, he said:

"It's not difficult to communicate when we speak a different language. If anything it's been an asset. When I speak Spanish I choose my words very carefully. Instead of saying 'I am from Chicago,' I might say, 'My first days in this world were in the city with the wind.' All of a sudden you frame this little poetic thing. "

Now I'm sure this phrase sounds really pretty in Spanish--I'm not gonna argue that. But, seriously, look at the picture on the left and imagine that guy looking deep into your eyes and saying "My first days in this world were in the city with the wind." Tell me your spine muscles didn't contract just a little. In a bad way.

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Emily said...

I think there are a couple of things that could be going on here:

1) He really is a giant cheeseball who thinks it's neat-o to say things like that out loud.

2) What he's chosen to describe in a "poetic" way is that thing that most of us do when we know about 10 words in another language.

I mean, years ago, when I was in a pharmacy in Madrid, I needed to ask for some kind of analgesic because my shoulder was hurting from my giant backpack. What I was actually able to communicate was: "pain. here." (pointing to my shoulder).

I guess these two possibilities aren't mutually exclusive and I'd like to believe that when Mr. M thought he was saying all that crap about his "first days" he was really saying something like: "my days with my cousins are full of weather."