Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jennifer Nicholson (as in Jack's daughter) is a Fashion Designer?

You know how some children of celebrities get famous for being drunken, strung-out party animals with too much money on their hands? Well, I'd rather be like those children of celebrities that get famous for using their parents' money to do something cool with their lives.

I didn't know this, but Jack Nicholson's daughter, Jennifer, is a fashion designer and she had her own runway show at LA Fashion week last Thursday. That's cool. (Not as cool as Stella McCartney, but cool nonetheless.) That's her picture on the far left--sandwiched between her dad and a David Schwimmer look like.

The bigest surprise to me was that Lara Flynn Boyle was at the show. She dated Jack like a hundred years ago, right? I guess they're still friends. To some reporter, she was all like, "It's so fabulous, I'm so proud of her, that cashmere coat was impeccable." There was an exact quote, but I didn't feel like looking it up again. It's here.

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