Thursday, March 30, 2006

How I am Similar to Pete Doherty

According to Page Six, Pete Doherty has a new habit. The article states that, "he is buying old Jaguars, parking them illegally, and buying replacements when they get towed away. He's now gone through eight Jags in as many weeks."

I was going to make fun of Pete Doherty for doing this and call his actions a despicable waste of money. Then I thought about it and I realized that I do the same thing---on a different financial scale. Like when I don't feel like scrubing out a Tupperware container that's been in the fridge too long, I'm like, "Fuck it....just throw it out." Or when I have a movie due back at Blockbuster and I can't get off my couch, I'm like, "Screw it....I'll just pay the late fee." If you did some kind of mathematical ratio percentage thing with regard to our respective salaries, I bet you'd find that Pete Doherty buying a new car is like me buying new Tupperware. Or me carrying a balance of $25.00 every single time I go to rent a video. It's just like how he takes expensive drugs and I have to settle for Tylenol PM.


the sad billionaire said...

Oh man, I am like Pete Doherty, too! A lot like Pete Doherty. But not a raging heroin addict. I am, however, a raging addict to shows like E! "Crazy Celebrity Baby Names." So I should never feel smugly superior to Pete Doherty.
By the way, did you hear the rumor that Pete Doherty's whole career, including drug addiction, arrests, relationship with Kate Moss, and all his music, etc., was an elaborate joke dreamed up by the guys behind the KLF... I so wish it was true!
Keep on rocking, bloglisted!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Pete Doherty supposed to be like locked up right now, serving ten to twenty?