Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Curse You, Keanu

I really love Richard Linklater movies. I thought Before Sunset was great and The School of Rock is on permanent rotation in my DVD player. I also really love Radiohead, which is why I was so excited to hear that they were doing music for RL's new film, The Scanner Darkly.

I was excited, that is, until I found out that the star of this new movie is none other than Keanu Reeves--the WORST actor of all time. It's bad enough that I had to suffer through like five years of hearing people gush about those stupid Matrix movies, now he's got to go and ruin what could have been a really cool movie. Doesn't he have anything better to do? Isn't he in a band or something?

And, in case you are reading this, Alicia, I apologize for everything I just said. I know Keanu's always been your guy---after Russell Crowe of course. I mean, he's not all bad. Speed was pretty good, I guess.


Emily said...

is it weird that I continue to hold out hope that Keanu Reeves will actually turn out to be a good actor? Like remember the feeling you had when you saw Tom Cruise in Magnolia and were like -- wow, you can actually act!
Of course that was before he turned in to evil incarnate and now I can't even enjoy Top Gun...but I digress.

For some reason (maybe because I think he's cute?) I always hope that maybe THIS movie will be the one where Keanu doesn't suck.

Michelle said...

he was sort of good in kenneth branaugh's hamlet movie. he has this flat visage, which sort of worked. he played ophelia's brother, was is laertes? Anyway. something like that.

Anonymous said...

He was great in My Own Private Idaho.