Thursday, March 23, 2006

American Idol Rejects: Girls Vs. Boys

Here are some observations about previous American Idol contestants. You can draw your own conclusions.

As for the girls, Diana DeGarmo and Frenchie Davis are starring in Broadway shows. Jennifer Hudson is going to be in the new movie Dreamgirls with Beyonce.As for the boys, Justin Guarini "independently released"--(a.k.a. taped on his computer)-- his "second" album, entitled "Stranger Things Have Happened." Ex-Marine Joshua Gracin is scheduled to participate in.......and I'm not making this up.....something called "The Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" tour. As for former winner Ruben Studdard, he's coming out with a third album......called......get ready to cringe......"The Return of the Velvet Teddy Bear."

Girls Vs. Boys---You Decide.


Dop said...

Great pics, espcially Josh. But I thought a Bondonkadonk was supposed to be on the back of the body, not the front. And how appropriate that my word verification for this post is eyuuh.

Anonymous said...

After hearing Guarini's independent album... I pick him. Best damn album (and the most artistic) put out by any AIer. That boy is goooooooooood.