Sunday, February 05, 2006

Worst Looks of the Week

Here is my list for the Worst Looks of the Week.

Number 3: Katie Holmes and her leotard. Doing nothing to dispel those pesky prosthetic tummy rumors, Katie suffers what seems to be the most uncomfortable wedgie in celebrity history.

Number 2: Little Avril is all Growns Up. Say what you want. Argue with me. Tell me I'm wrong. But I think Avril looks like crap lately. Her "moving on, growing up, becoming a lady" look freaks me out.

Number 1: Ashlee Simpson. Although I am a huge fan of the platinum blonde on jet black look, I not sure it works here. Furthermore, I think Ashlee's look here truly reveals her wannabe (but can't be cause she's totally fake) status. She's lookin' like Nicole Ritchie if Nicole Ritchie dressed up like Lord of the Rings for Halloween. Lame.


Emily said...

There's just so much to feel sorry for Katie Holmes about, isn't there? I'm not sure if the recurrent oral herpes are what I feel worst about, or the fact that she has to spend the rest of her life* with Tom Cruise, or that she has on this hideous body suit...I mean, it's a far cry from Joey Potter or even that little indie flick Pieces of April, when she was gorgeous and life seemed so full of promise.

(the body suit is bad, but really it's a toss-up between the herpes and TC)

*which actually means about 5 years in Hollywood

Emily said...

Oh, also -- The Nicole Richie as Frodo image is a nice one...I just thought she sort of looks like the unibomber.

jean said...

Katie Holmes is actually my number one pick for the week. GOD, someone fetch her that big orange ugly coat she was sporting a few months back. YIKES!