Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pairs Figure Skating Finals

Did anybody watch the pairs figure skating finals last night? Does anybody like ice skating as much as me? Did you see that Chinese skater fall when she tried to do a quadruple jump/throw? Did anybody else think it was kind of weird that they got a silver medal after falling and stopping their program short? What did the bronze medalists think when that happened? They only made minor mistakes. This new judging system SUCKS.

As one of the commentators explained last night, the way the points work now the judges give scores based on moves, so there is no real way to give credit for grace, originality, or good choreography. That's why all the routines look like a bunch of tricks strung together. It's stupid. Anyway, I like the Russian pair. And they deserved to win.

In other news, Emily Hughes is reportedly still trying to find a flight to Torino. Read about it here.


jean said...

When that Chinese pair got back on the ice to finish their routine, i thought they were doing it to show the Olympic spirit, NOT to actually get scored for metal. What the hell? I didn't know they were still competing!

jean said...
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La Dee said...

i enjoyed the background stories on all the skaters - so intense with the russian previously giving his partner a concussion! when a girl messes it, it only involves her but when a guy messes up, both can get hurt, especially the girl in the air. or what about the chinese couple who were laughed at on the ice 20 years ago only to return as coach after setting up an ice skating program and having the three couples place 2nd, 3rd, and 4th! fabulous!