Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Over the Top

I mean, really. This is getting a little out of hand. Cotton candy? Matching hats? Big silver boots and big smiles? In Paris no less? Shouldn't there be some law against appearing so freaking perfect in public? At first I just felt bad for Jennifer Aniston--you know, having to watch Brad Pitt walking around with a baby bottle hanging out of his back pocket--but you know what? Now, I'm starting to feel bad for me!

Bring back Katie and Tom. They at least make me feel better about my life. Maddox's cuteness is almost violent.


Laura said...

over the top? hell yeah! last time i saw cotton candy that big i was as old as maddox. as a big lover of cotton candy, i have noticed its shrinking proporations despite it being so cheap and easy to make. this year in fact, my father once again bought me a bag of emanciated cotton candy. he suggested that perhaps my perception was off since i have grown bigger but oh, no i remember when the delicacy was full and fluffy! i don't know why they could not leave the large portions, especially here in america which is known for it.

Nicole said...

Over the top is putting it mildly. I am really starting to loath them both (and by association, their children). I used to LOVE both Brad and Angie, but separately. I loved Brad with Jen (although she is SO MUCH better off now with the funniest man in the world) and I loved Angie by herself, being a hot UN do-gooder, and single mom. She is just so much less cool since hooking up with dude. And is it just me, or does she not really look that happy to be with him ever? Maybe it's just the paparazzi, but she just seems kinda like, "fuck, how am i gonna shake this one?"