Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ice Skating Update

Okay. Now I just feel sort of bad for her. Rumor has it that Michelle Kwan is still considering pulling out of the Olympics again--even after marching in the opening ceremonies yesterday. She had to cut her practice schedule short
Saturday because of tightness in her groin. It makes me sick to think that Emily Hughes is licking her chops right now, just waiting to get on a plane.

I'm also starting to worry about Sasha Cohen. She's still my favorite, but I think she might be a little distracted. After seeing her on Project Runway, it seems pretty clear to me that her mind is on things other than winning the gold. She is from Orange County, after all.

This makes me very worried about Kimmie Meissner. I just read an article that said she is going to follow in the tradition of Tara Lipinski and Emily Hughes---i.e. she is going to pull off a dark horse upset. And it's possible. This new scoring system that they have going favors performances like this that are technically perfect, but completely and utterly ungraceful.

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Anonymous said...

umm i really don't feel bad for Michelle Kwan because i mean ok.....i dont care how fucking bad my groin hurt...i mean shit its the fuckin olympics.... get out there and do something...and then she's tryin to say some shit like.."well it's not about winning it's participating and trying"..(or something like that) BULLLL SHITT!!!!! wwho the fuck goes to the fuckin olympics to not win??? she's a fuckin pansy if u ask me....sorry jenny!!! i love u though!!!