Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Take it Back: The Olsens are Alright

Okay, okay, I take it back. The Olsens are not that bad. These new ads they did for Badgley Mischka are pretty hot, I have to say. It's cute that they still do things together even though they are trying to develop their own personalities. And it's cool for them that they can do modeling and stuff considering they have no chance at a film career.

Which twin do you like better? Wouldn't you just love to listen in on one of their phone conversations? I mean, do you think they just sit around and say, "Isn't it weird how famous we are?" Do you think they have any perspective?

Finally...Which Olsen twin would you rather be? My first instinct is to say MK because I like the idea of being wild, but I think I'm more like Ashley.


femme feral said...

Well, I don't think I'd really want to be either twuin, but I love MK's dress and hair and make-up.

Emily said...

Did you ever have to do that thing in high school art where you print a picture of yourself and the same picture but with the image flipped, cut the pictures down the middle and re-arrange the halves so each face is basically two of the same side...two right sides, two left sides?

Well, if you've never done it, let me just clue you in that it makes your "faces" look f-ing weird and basically makes you acutely aware of the deficiencies in each side of your face that tend to balance each other out in real life.

That is exactly how I feel about MK & A, except for the part about real life. When I look at them together I can find pretty aspects to both of them and they sort of compliment each other...but either one taken separately starts to look a little weird.

That being said, I think I have generally found Ashley to be the prettier of the two, but I'm honestly not even sure which one Ashley is.

p.s. I watch New York Minute EVERY TIME it's on HBO.

Jenny said...

I love you, Emily. For making me feel not so weird. What it is about that movie? I must have watched it 10 times this past fall when I had HBO. And I'm not even exaggerating that number for effect. I think I might have actually watched it ten times.

And I've never done that thing with the photos, but I have enough anxiety about what I look like in pictures without any negative imaging, so I wouldn't even want to know.

Emily said...

Just a quick update. I caught the end of it this morning...where the girls hug and make up on the steps and then MK (Roxy?) cuts her record and it turns out everybody is going to England. Plus Jack Osbourne is there. Also, I love that Dr. Drew from Loveline is their dad.