Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Love Wednesdays!

The title for this post is sort of midleading. I only really liked Wednesday this week. Lost offered a few good moments, but for the most part it was as boring as usual. There was no love triangle drama and we had to watch Sawyer kill a bullfrog.(That was so mean!) And usually I don't care so much if Lost sucks, cause I'm usually so distracted by Project Runway. But last night, I don't know, maybe it was because it's nearing the end, maybe it's because I saw those shots of the final designs at Olympus Fashion Week, maybe because Nick and Andre weren't there, I don't know, but I just thought the episode was sort of boring.

Like the final designs. And the "special" guest. I'm sorry, but call her an "icon" all you want, I don't give a shit about Iman.....although she does look good for being like fifty. I liked Santino's dress a lot. The top was a little funky, but the others were just boring. I don't understand why they don't give them more time and money on these final designs. You know? Let them really work on them. And thank god Kara went home. It was only fair considering she hasn't won any challenges yet. The best part of the episode was when Daniel and Santino got into a bitch fight. Even though it was probably staged for ratings, it was still good TV. I can't wait for the reunion show!


femme feral said...

I was so pissed when DV and KJ were like, "chloe should go home." what biotches! I fucking hate DV now. What a smug little priss.

Emily said...

I couldn't agree more FF, Daniel might be the biggest disappointment of the show for me.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think I might be rooting for Santino now. At least he takes risks.

Donny B said...

I know! They all have issues with Santino and they all had the chance to point out that during the last challenge he LIED to the judges and blamed Kara, and then they turn on Chloe?

And FF, why do you only hate DV now? Kara had two chances to tell the truth about Santino and blew both of them, and she turned on Chloe too after being so nice to her before (remember Kara helping Chloe during the Garden Party challenge?). They both disappointed me.