Saturday, February 11, 2006


WHY DOES SANTINO KEEP GETTING SPARED????? That jumpsuit look SO BAD! Nick's suit didn't look THAT BAD, i mean no pockets isn't that big a deal, is it? Santino must have aged like 2 years during this show, since each week he is always one of the bottom two.

Poor Nick, he didn't deserve to go. I think he was really shocked! I'm glad that Daniel V. puts Santino in his place next week!

Talking about Daniel V, WTF did he do to Chloe? I mean, she looked SO fresh-off-the-boat! YOU NEVER PUT CHERRY RED ON AN ASIAN GIRL! no red lipstick, no read dress, NOTHING! it's never going to be in, it'll never make us look like anything but FOB! Thank GOD he had immunity.

Jenny's Take: I was very sad to see Nick go. I didn't think he was going to win or anything, but I really liked him and I thought his outfit was unfairly criticized. It was bad....and pretty impractical....but it wasn't as ugly or ill-designed as Santino's.

What do you think about Kara? Is she going to make it to the final three? My mom, who watched the show last year, told me that the same thing happened then. That some dark horse came up from behind at the end to get into the final round. Her Santino outift was good, but it was a little obvious. Her stuff has been okay, I guess. I just can't think of anything but that "no trespassing" debacle. She'd do well designing for the BP department at Nordstrom, but I'm not sure about couture.

Did you guys look at the contestant's fashion week collections? I thought they were fantastic. Who was the decoy?

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Donny B said...

Wow, ask and ye shall receive.

Yeah, keeping Santino in every week after all his disasters is ridiculous. He's designed 2 (maybe 3 but not really) fine dresses and the rest are the worst pieces of crap any designer has ever made ever (not to be dramatic or anything). he and Kara should both not be there.