Monday, February 20, 2006

Five Things I'm Thinking About Today

1. Gwen Stefani is so freaking cute. Seriously. Look at her little ponytail. And her blood red pout. Adorable.

2. I'm going to watch the Ice Dancing Finals tonight, but nothing can top yesterday's competition, when five couples fell during their routines. Did anybody watch it besides me and Jean? It was funniest thing I've seen in a long time. They don't even do jumps or anything! Those skaters just flat out tripped over themselves. It was hilarious.

3. How long are Angelina and Brad Pitt going to be in Paris? Cause I'm starting to get a little sick of seeing those pictures of them cuddling and kissing and taking their kids to cool places that I can't go cause I'm stuck here in Maryland teaching class and waiting in traffic and trying to pay off my bills. I need a Paris vacation, too. Or a London vacation. Or any vacation.

4. I'm starting to wonder whether John Stewart is going to be a good host for the Academy Awards. It's such a tough gig. I'm sure I'll think he's funny....but will the audience laugh at his jokes? (Click for an article in the NY Times.)

5. Pleasant surprise at the grocery store: OK Magazine is now only $1.99!!!


Anonymous said...

How much do you want to bet that Angelina and Brad's baby already has an agent and a modeling contract with Calvin Klein?

femme feral said...

how about a texas vacation.

We can eat French bread and drink English tea...

I'm listening to the cure, and of course it is making me think of you.

Dop said...

Seriously, you slay me. Love love love your humour. Love it. The end.