Saturday, January 28, 2006

Who Will Go Home With Gold?

Yesterday, Michelle showcased her goods to the US Olympic Skating Committee, and apparently wow'd them! In fact, she skated so well, they believe she's headed for GOLD! Sorry Sasha, i know you didn't see her at the Nationals, but Michelle's for real and she ain't try'na play. She's going for the gold and she ain't stopping until she's got it.

GOD! Let her have the damn metal so we don't have to see her again! I can't stomach seeing her at yet another Olympics! I can't bear to see Michelle fall short AGAIN! Besides, Sasha's probably got one more non-pathetic Olympics left in your short skating life.


Jenny said...

Well, Jean, I have to say I'm a little disappointed. It was my understanding that we at Bloglisted had officially decided to endorse Sasha Cohen in the Olympics. Your decision to post a picture of Sasha falling on her ass does not seem to reinforce Bloglisted's stance that she is, by far, the best skater in the competition.

jean said...

I guess we'll see about that. We'll see who goes home with gold.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Kwan is in the olympics because she is the most commercially valuable skater. In the last olympics she fired all the U.S. Coaches and made her boyfriend her trainer. She told us all that she knew what was best for herself. Then she choked and took bronze. This arrogant skater deserves neither our admiration or a gold medal in torino