Monday, January 30, 2006

Men Make Bad Choices

Enough already! This Jessica Alba business has got to stop. Though it pains me to report it, the lame ass star of such "hits" as The Fantastic Four" and "Into the Boring...I mean, Blue" has earned the top spot on's annual Desirability Poll. Men answering the survey were supposed to pick women based on "long-term relationship potential." I'm not sure how Sienna Miller and Angelina Jolie ended up on the list based on that criteria, but they did. Great choice, guys. You sure know how to pick 'em. The rest of the top ten looks like this:

2. Sienna Miller (I hope this poll was taken before the hair cut.)
3. Angelina Jolie (Gross.)
4. Adriana Lima (Who?)
5. Maria Menudos (Who?)
6. Charlize Theron
7. Jessica Biel (Washed-up.)
8. Amerie (Who is that?)
9. Natalie Portman
10. Eva Longoria (So trendy. )

Guess who didn't make the Top 99 this year? Britney Spears. She got totally shut out.


jag said...

Pardon the reiteration, but I really don't see what the attraction is with Sienna Miller. Could someone explain why she's attractive to so many? Other than the fact that she's obviously willing to give it up. After all, it was men taking this poll.

Emily said...

I like to try to convince myself that most men don't REALLY like stupid women, but I just don't know how else to explain choices like SM. She's terrible. Then again, I guess not if all you care about is a tight body and blonde hair...

jean said...

Well, if dumb isn't a factor, then where the hell is Jessica Simpson? especially now that she's newly single!

Emily said...

I'd bet she's #11, but really, I'd date Jessica Simpson before I'd date Eva Long-whoria

femme feral said...

Amerie is cool. She had that song "1 thing" that sorta sounda like Beyonces "crazy in love."

and in case you couldn't have guessed, I hate ask men dot com

Bloglisted said...

lol. yeah, i had a feeling it wasn't your favorite site. :-)