Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Is Anybody Else Bothered By This?

Q Orianka Kilcher is the 15-year-old actress who plays Pocahontas in the upcoming movie The New World. Colin Farrell is the 29-year-old drug addicted sleazebag who plays her boyfriend. Does that gross anybody else out? Or am I being a prude? It's just that the last time I checked it was illegal for 29-year-olds to make out with 15-year-olds. (Oh, sorry, 14-year-olds. That's how old Kilcher was at the time of filming.)

And, yes, they do make out in the movie. Kilcher mentioned in several interviews that she had "never kissed any man" before kissing Farrell on screen. Movie executives, nervous about child pornography overtones have ordered the director to edit down a scene portraying a "passionate embrace" between the pair. Great. Just because nobody will see the scene doesn't mean it didn't happen! You still filmed it! Where were the movie executives worried about child pornography overtones when they were filming it??

Here are some excerts from the interview Kilcher did with New York Magazine:

Q: What did your parents think about you doing a love scene with a 29-year-old?

My parents loved Colin to death. He likes camping. Besides, historically, it was a bigger age difference.

Q: Colin apologized for kissing you--your first kiss ever--right after smoking a cigarette. Was the apology necessary?

No, I was so scared I was half-there and half not there.

He likes camping? What?


jean said...

Is that the Whale rider girl's twin???

SMK said...

He likes camping... That makes him a good guy?? When I was 14, if I got caught making out with a 29-year old, I'm willing to bet he would have gone to jail.

jean said...

Colin Farrell reminds me of one big bag of STDs. I wouldn't want him to be my first kiss...