Thursday, January 12, 2006


Okay, okay, as a research scientist and a fellow Korean by descent, I agree that faking data, especially on the sexy topic of stem cell research, is headline news-worthy, but for Christ Sake, enough already! We get it! The Koreans lied! I apologize on behalf of all korean people. My korean pride has been irreversibly hurt, and I am thoroughly ashamed that a fellow countryman would do such a thing.

But my worry is this: Because of this incident, are my friends going to start thinking I stole my new Kate Spade bag? Am i going to have to present additional ID to buy groceries with my credit card? Is my last name going to raise additional scrutiny in the science world?

So i am asking all of you to grant me one wish: PLEASE DO NOT STEREOTYPE ALL KOREAN PEOPLE AS LIARS. What i'm trying to say is that you should go out and buy that Samsung microwave, and you should still buy that cute LG phone. And you should TRUST ME when i say DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT BUY A KIA. Not even the Koreans trust those pieces of crap.


femme feral said...

bloglisted is looking HOT!

jungle jane said...

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