Sunday, January 29, 2006

Did Banana Republic Copy Zulema and Kara's Dress?

Did we miss something? Please correct us if we're wrong, but we were under the impression that only the winning Project Runway design from the Day Into Night Challenge was going to reproduced for actual sale in Banana Republic stores.

The dress on the right, taken from the Banana Republic website, is a direct knock-off of Zulema and Kara's!

Not only did they rip the style--they ripped the freakin' fabric, too! Somebody call my lawyer! I mean their lawyers. Somebody call somebody, for christ's sake.

Okay, UPDATE! how the hell do you explain THIS dress, which was up on banana republics website before the episode aired, and then rapidly removed from their website???? Does anyone wiff SANTINO and NICK? Those damn BR people ripped them to shreds for their design, now look at this!


Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but I think that the designers had to choose BR fabrics. If I remember correctly, they didn't go to the fabric store for this challenge, but were given just a few different fabrics to choose from that were BR for their designs. If that is how it went, that would explain why the dress BR is selling is the same fabric. I'm sure that episode will rerun soon and you can see if that is the case.

Donny B said...

i think anonymous is right.

Dop said...

Anonymous is correct. I just saw the episode again yesterday. It's in the palette.

Emily said...

I do have to say, fabric aside, that Jean's point is well-taken. Kara and Zulema didn't win the BR challenge, yet BR clearly ripped off their dress. Given that Zulema has now been booted and kara can't be far behind after the hideously boring crime-scene-tape dress, I feel like they've got a case.

A win in the BR challenge could have turned the tide and given sulkey-stoner and oversized glasses just the boost of confidence they needed to go on and do great it stands now, they're just a couple of months away from a job at the Gap or a stint on the Surreal Life.

femme feral said...

I agree with Emily. That dress looks just like the one z and k made.

I wonder if they decided to make their dress anyway. I think that there is so me behind the scenes stuff on that show. For example, I heard austin scarlett also showed at fashion week, even though he wasn't in the top three. so maybe br picked two designs, but for the sake of the show they just chose one?

Jenny said...

Crime-Scene-Dress = Hideous.

Yeah, it seems like they probably really liked Z and K's dress. Sux for those two that the didn't get more credit.