Friday, January 06, 2006

Avril Makes Questionable Career Move

When Avril Lavigne traded in her men's tie-wearing punk rock thing for the cookie cutter blonde look, I was only slightly put off. After all, I had given up all notions that she was ACTUALLY edgy after I saw her doing a cover of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" on 60 Minutes. I think it's cool she writes her own songs and everything, but I'm not fooled that Avril, the girl, was ever the inspiration for Avril, the product. This was more than evident when we watched Avril get punk'd on MTV. She didn't come off as a bad ass at all. If anything, she just seemed like a great big wuss.

But back to the point. I heard the news today that Avril has signed on to star in Richard Linklater's upcoming film Fast Food Nation. I don't know for sure that the movie is going to be bad or anything, but I am pretty sure that Avril is going to suck in it. The whole singer-turned-actor thing is only slightly less pathetic than actor-turned-singer, and I have a feeling that Avril is going to come off looking like a fool. The fact that the film also stars Wilmer Valderrama is also troublesome. If I were ever an agent, the first question I would ask of any project my client was considering would be, "Is Wilmer Valderrama going to be in it?" Cause if he were I'd pull my client

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