Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Unreliability of Celebrity Gossip

Why don't we ever learn? Why do we even read this shit?

If you remember a few weeks ago, just before Nick and Jessica broke up, all the tabloids were claiming, "Jessica's Finally Pregnant!" and "Nick and Jessica Shopping for a House!" We knew it wasn't true, but we bought the magazine anyway. How much time did we waste reading about Kevin's repossessed Ferrarri? Or about Britney's divorce demands? As you can see from the picture to the left, this cover of Life & Style from a few months ago contains only one true fact. Sandra Bullock got married. But this is not the 1990's so nobody really cares.

We want the real lives of celebrities to be as exciting and tumultuous as an episode of the O.C. But they're not. Celebrities are actually pretty boring. Yet, the tabloid writers have to churn out something like a scripted show each week or they can't sell magazines. And, according to Fluffy Dollars, they actually aren't selling magazines. Because their stories suck.

The problem is that all of the current celebrity "shows" have totally jumped the shark. For example, the new issue of Us Weekly claims to contain "Jen's Secret Emails to Jessica." Are you KIDDING me? A crossover story? Ridiculous.


femme feral said...

well, I got that story from gawker who got it from women's wear daily (or something like that). anyway, there is so much available on the internet now . . .I think that is the real reason that tabloid sales are down. why buy a magazine full of stuff you already read?

Tina said...

I agree. And advertisng on internet celeb sites is a hell of a lot cheaper than adverising in a magazine, which is how most of the tabloids pay for publishing. The ad agencies have finally caught on. Unfortunately, internet celeb sites don't make near as much money as a glossy rag, but we can hope someday they will!