Saturday, December 17, 2005

Talented and Worthy: Ashleigh Verrier

I am daily growing increasingly disgusted by the amount of attention celebrities are getting for doing absolutely nothing and possessing no talent whatsoever. For this reason I am starting a new weekly post called "Talented and Worthy" that will attempt to showcase people who, by nature of their talent and ambition, actually deserve the attention usually wasted on people like Kimberly Stewart and Talon Taliferro.

This week's choice: Fashion designer and recent graduate of the Parsons School of Design, Asheigh Verrier.

When 23-year-old Ashleigh graduated from Parsons in the spring of 2004, she lugged her 24-piece "thesis" project--a collection of "big coats with winged sleeves, knee-length skirts, and lots of crushed velvet"--down the street to Sak's Fifth Avenue. The buyers at Sak's were so impressed with her work that they bought the collection on the spot and ordered a limited run of her designs. The pieces were to be sold at between $300 and $3,300. Pretty nice kick back for a thesis you had to write anyway. This past September, at the age of 24, Ashleigh made her debut at New York's Fashion Week, where her collection graced the runways alongside Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney. She made a huge splash for her "innovative mix-n-match, masculine/feminine style." Orders came pouring in.

Now I ask you, WHY, when there are cool, talented, and envy-worthy people like Ashleigh out there, WHY WHY WHY are the tabloids and celebrity blogs full of pictures of Kimberly Stewart???? I mean, seriously, I want to know what Ashleigh's doing tonight, cause I'm sure it's a hell of a lot more interesting than running around L.A. with her thong sticking out of her Blue Cult jeans, which, incidentally, is about the most news-worthy thing that Kimberly Stewart has ever done. No more Kimberly!!

The fine print: You'd think by the way I am talking that I do not like celebrity gossip. Well, I do. I like it a lot. I just hate myself for it.

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Donny B said...

Because Kimberly Stewart is a rock star's daughter, and in the world of tabloids that makes her automatically interesting even though she's not (see: Nicole Ritchie).

Now I have to check out Ashleigh Verrier. Thanks for the heads up.