Monday, December 05, 2005

The Non-Story Story

Recently, I have noticed a new phenomenon on all the celebrity blogs--a phenomenon I like to call the "non-story story." Here's an example: the picture of Jessica Alba you see on the left was taken a few weeks ago and has since appeared on at least a dozen celebrity websites. The story? Nothing. There's no story. Jessica Alba wore an ugly tie one day and somebody took her picture. Nevertheless, like I said, this picture has been widely circulated and published as though it were actual news. "EXTRA! EXTRA! Jessica Alba wore an ugly tie!"

Now, believe me, I know that there has been a severe shortage of interesting celebrity gossip lately--as evidenced by the fact that Kathy Griffin's divorce has become a "hot topic"--but an ugly outfit? I don't think so. A few weeks ago, this same thing happened with a photograph of Courtney Cox on the beach wearing a red bikini. She wasn't snorting coke, or making out with a mystery man, or even sunbathing topless. She was wearing a bathing suit. At the beach. But still, this picture was EVERYWHERE.

Snooze. Maybe when American Idol starts up again in January there will be more interesting things to focus on than who may or may not be wearing an ugly tie. Like which contestants is sleeping with Paula, and which one has a previously undisclosed criminal records.


Tina Bacon said...

You know I'm gonna agree with this! :D

femme feral said...

Celebrity gossip is always half made up . . .I think fans like filling in the blanks -- imagining a narrative that accomodates mk's million trips to starbucks. but the bits of info. we've been getting of late have been lack-luster.

but the gossip bloggers should leave the bad outfit stories to the go fug yourself girls.

(although the big tie is *really* bad!)