Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Natural Selection: Does it even work anymore?

As we celebrate nearly 150 years since Charles Darwin published his ideas, I ask you, does anyone actually think that this natural selection crap works in the modern day world????

First, for all you Neanderthals out there, Darwin’s theory of evolution is simple: survival of the fittest. So if Jenny can run faster then me, then jenny will go on to have cute blond babies that can run fast, whereas I, having been eaten by a lion, will not go on to have little Asian babies that can’t run worth shit. And over time, there will be more fast-running blonde people and less slow-paced Asian people in our little village where apparently, lions are a problem. So basically, in a given situation, the stronger individuals will survive, whereas the weak ones will eventually die off.

But what does it mean to be fit today? I mean, being “fit” no longer means that you can grab more berries than me because you’re taller. Today, fitness is all about two things: money and education. But statistical polls show that the more educated you are, the fewer babies you produce. Take exhibit A: I am pretty sure that guy doesn’t have much going on upstairs, but I am certain that he’s getting plenty of booty. However, the guy in exhibit B, although he may be able to build a computer out of toothpicks, is probably still a virgin, and will remain so for quite some time.

So my question is simple: are the so-called fittest people in today’s world “fit” from an evolutionary standpoint? Is the theory of evolution working in the world we live in? Or is modern day society phasing out the fittest people?

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Nicole said...

I am comforted by the fact that at least one other person in the world spends as much time thinking about natural selection as I. And what a good point! You two are great. Just started reading and I'm hooked.