Thursday, December 08, 2005

Matt Damon is Pregnant

Okay, I guess he's not really pregant. But his fiancee is. The couple got engaged earlier this year, but no wedding date has been set. I hope it's a boy so he can get married to Violet. When I'm an old woman in my rocking chair, I'll have a lot of fun reading about their exploits.

There are a lot of celebrity babies out there these days. Sean Preston, Violet Affleck, Apple Martin, Coco Cox-Arquette, Lourdes and Roco Ritchie, Ryder Hudson-Robinson (?), Maddox and Zahara Jolie-Pitt, and on and on and on. It kind of makes me wish that we had a magical machine that could age them all like twenty years overnight--you know, like they do on soap operas. Cause I am getting pretty sick of the current celebrities and the sure-to-be tumultuous lives of these kids would be a real breath of fresh air.


jag said...

HAHAHAHA! Love the title!

Not loving that you beat me to this post though. Hmmmm. We may have a fight on our hands.


Emily said...

My favorite comment on this is the Defamer line that the "poor kid will only be 1/2 famous." Hopefully Violet will be able to see past this obvious handicap.