Friday, December 09, 2005

Matt Damon is Married

Quick on the hells of their pregnancy announcement, Matt Damon and Luciana Bozan got hitched this morning at the city hall in New York City. We at Bloglisted would like to thank the couple for sparing us the tedium of wading through photos of an elaborate and expensive, yet ultimately sickening, wedding in next week's tabloids.

You know, I had totally forgotten that Luciana had a 7-year-old daughter going into this thing. Imagine what she must be thinking. A couple of years ago, her mom was a bartender in Miami trying to make ends meet. Now her dad is Matt Damon. And Christmas is coming up. Sweet. Her friends are so jealous. Somebody get this girl a reality show.

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Donny B said...

So Matt Damon is off the market? Damn, thanks for crushing my dreams.