Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lindsey Lohan About to Ruin My Favorite Brand

What's up with Chanel these days? First, they fire Kate Moss for no reason--well, I guess they technically had a reason, but it was a stupid reason--and then they hire Lindsey Lohan. Didn't the company learn anything from Dooney & Burke? Lohan did their ad campaign last year, for that horrible line of pink and purple Nicky Hiltonish purses that are, in case you were wondering, now lining the bargain bins at the DB outlets at 70% off.

Now, I have to admit, Lindsey has some some strengths. She creates good celebrity drama and she can really rock a Disney movie. But lacking any real class and sophistication, she is the most horrible model for Chanel I can think of besides Britney Spears. The Chanel brand is supposed to emit "I'm so much better than you, it's sickening" vibes, not "thank your lucky stars you are not me" vibes.

This announcement comes at a very crippling time for me, financially speaking. I have just finished replacing everything in my make-up bag with Chanel product. And that shit was expensive. EXPENSIVE. I have been working on this make-up brush collection for two years. What am I supposed to do now? Put duct tape over the label? Curse you, Lohan.


Anonymous said...

Chanel have issues. Kate Moss is unstoppable really, helps when you're as hot as her!! She'd get them far more publicity than Lohan could!! A fashion site that I use, Rogue Connect, currently has her at the top of their 'Who's Hot, What's Hot' for December!

Tina said...

I agree. This is just BAD.

femme feral said...

Is it weird that I sorta like lindsay?

Jenny said...

yes, it is very weird. but not as weird as me liking pete doherty, so you're all good.

Emily said...

I find I am also ambivalent toward Lowey...but I have to agree with you, Jenny that she's all wrong for Chanel.

Uma Thurman is the kind of person they need, too bad Louis Vuitton already snatched her ass up.

Wonder what Charlieze Theron (why can I never spell her name?) is doing...

Notice that both of the actresses I just mentioned ooze that magic better-than-you something that Lindsay lacks.

God, I feel like Kristen from Laguna Beach would even be a better choice. I firmly believe that girl is better than me. And if being famous simply for being rich and famous doesn't smack of the kind of rediculous priveledge upon which Chanel relies to move product, I don't know what does.