Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Completely Made Up-Story Story

And then we have the "Pulled out of Thin Air" Story Story. I must admit, this item on Popsugar sure is tantalizing. And it would be fun if it were true. But it's not. Unless you believe that tabloids have the power to make things happen. It sure seems to have worked for Brad and Angelina.


Emily said...

I have to say, the part I find most interesting in this story is the reference to Jessica purchasing a "vintage Rolex" for Cacee.

Apparently Jessica has "discovered" vintage recently b/c I also saw some pictures of her buying a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk.

Why, you might wonder do I care if Jessica is buying vintage things? I don't know, why do I care about Brad adopting Angelina's kids? Clearly, I am the target market for items like the celebrity bad outfit news.

Incidentally, Don't you think the Brittney/Kevin breakup is really just more evidence that Brittney WISHES she was J.S.? I mean, she tried to differentiate herself by dying her hair brown for her wedding, and having a baby, but once she saw that nothing got tongues wagging like Nick and Jess finally splitting, she figured she'd better hop on board. Just a theory.

mrsmogul said...

It would great if Cacee and Nick got together...that would be tabloid heaven!!!