Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Driving Hell

Is it just me, or do people drive like shit during the holiday season? During these days before Christmas when people are franticly trying to buy something, anything for their loved ones, traffic is a nightmare at all hours for everyone. People perform highly unusual and disruptive traffic maneuvers, and I find myself laying on the horn and cursing people out every 5 minutes. And each time I get cut off or some asshole decides to make an illegal U-turn in the middle of gridlock traffic, I take a good hard look at that mother fucker to see exactly what that asshole looks like: age, sex, race, etc. and recalculate my working profile of what the worst driver looks like. And as I’m spiraling deeper and deeper into my road rage, I realize that my car radio is playing happy christmas carols, which, all of the sudden, makes me want to laugh and admit myself to a psychiatric ward. I was brought back to reality when I gave the finger to and cursed out a sweet 80 year old man, who then proceeded to give me the “I’m sorry” wave. Thank god this is almost over!

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