Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bad month for Pete

December has not been good for the strangely attractive Pete Doherty. In the last few weeks, he has dropped down, way down, in my rankings. As if leaving rehab after a few days and being dumped by K. Moss wasn't bad enough, now he just received more devestating news. His drug dealer friend has tested positive for HIV. Although they didn't share needles, he fears that Doherty may also test positive since they kept their needles in the glass container. I don't know much about this needle stuff, but hasn't it been kinda accepted since the 80's that you're suppossed to use disposable needles? or were they unable to find them sold in bulk?

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jag said...

There are people that look dirty, like K Fed, and then there are people who just look gross. Pete Doherty is the latter. I dig men without the pretense, but I can see this guy doing things that should never be done ever. Like taking a dump with the door open and a cigarette in his mouth, not washing, coming out and picking his nose and playing with his johnson in between handling food he's serving to others. I'll bet he smells like BO and rotten flesh. Narsty.

If he's positive, though, think of all the fallout with Kate & Company. Didn't she get it on with Sadie & Jude? Then Sienna would have to be tested, and Orlando, and Daniel Craig, and Kate Bosworth...ooh, the list is just mind boggling!