Monday, December 12, 2005

7 Thing I Hate About Sienna Miller

In a recent interview with Newsweek magazine, Sienna Miller compiled a list of "7 Things I'd Rather Talk About." Her seven comments were so annoying that I decided to re-title the list, "7 Things I Hate About Sienna Miller." If you would like to read the full interview, go here. If you'd just like a sampling of stupidity, here's an abbreviated version.
On the perils of the internet: "I think that it's had a really detrimental effect on celebrities."


Emily said...

Wow, she's an idiot. Although she did manage to work in one of my all-time favorite expressions: "tits up".

I'm not sure if my favorite part was where she talked about how both Keith Richards and beatniks have served as fashion inspiration for her, or the part where she talked about her "quite bohemian" friends who love to get drunk and read poetry to each other.

Not, mind you, that I think there is anything wrong with getting drunk and reading poetry, nor do I suspect SM has any problems accomplishing the's more the latter I'm not so convinced about. And furthermore, people who actually enjoy getting drunk and reading poetry aren't usually also vapid movie starlets who find fashion inspiration from Keith Richards.

Maybe she meant they like to drink wine, get out the poetry books and snort lines of coke off their covers. That seems entirely more plausible

Emily, again said...

It would also explain the admiration for Keith Richards.

femme feral said...

so is she off your favorites list now?

jag said...

"Casanova." It's a really uplifting comedy. I play a strong, independent, cross-dressing heroine. In these times we live in, it's good to have a bit of escapism.

Yes, Sienna, it's great to have escapism. We find it through blogging, and we thank you for supplying so much fodder with which to fuel that escapism.

The perils of the Internet. I think that it's had a really detrimental effect on celebrities. One bored person can sit there and make up something, put it on the Internet-and two minutes later it's everywhere. It's scary. You develop pretty thick skin, but I tend to get emotional.

I don't want to say I told you so, but if you didn't go around dressed like a hobo, make out with multiple people, or go back and forth with a cheating fiance in public, your skin wouldn't have to be so thick.

The rewards of family. My mum is a real Jewish mother even though she isn't Jewish. She cooks and clucks and takes care of me. My ex-stepmother is an interior designer, so I can get stuff at cost-it's the upside of having a father who remarries a few times.

So only Jewish mothers can cluck and cook? My mom's Methodist. Is she supposed to sit by the fire and knit all day? And 'remarries a few times'? No wonder you kept going back to Jude. Look at your example.

hengreen said...

"I lost a few intestinal organs..." Um, HUH? Internal organs? Or intestines? Or...WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?